1. What is Occupational Therapy?
    Occupational Therapy is a health profession that helps individuals gain or regain independence in all areas of their lives including self-care, social skills, work and play. Occupational therapists are said to help people with the “job of living.”

  2. What is Yoga Therapy? How is it different than a yoga class?
    Yoga classes are often created for a group and not often designed to meet an individual’s specific needs. A yoga therapy session is specific to an individual’s needs with the intention of empowering an individual to heal and gain improved health with the use and practice of yoga and its philosophy.

  3. Will my insurance cover O Therapy’s services?
    Insurance often covers Occupational Therapy services depending on your plan, as well as your diagnosis. There may be a co-pay, as well as the need to meet your deductible on your specific plan. Often, yoga can be integrated into your occupational therapy sessions if it is appropriate for your specific needs. Please contact Karen directly at 406.239.5820.Private yoga sessions are also available. A private yoga therapy session costs $90 for an evaluation and $70/hour for sessions. Any additional time for notes and communication with other professionals is an additional cost.

  4. What ages can receive occupational and/or yoga therapy services?
    Persons of all ages can receive services.

  5. What is DIR/Floortime?
    The practice of DIR/Floortime, developed by the late Stanley Greenspan, is an approach based on the science of child development to help children including those with Autism and special needs strive towards their fullest potential. Karen is currently certified at the Intermediate Level. You can find more information at www.icdl.com and find additional resources by Stanley Greenspan at this website.

  6. Where can I find more information about occupational therapy, yoga therapy and DIR/Floortime?
    You can find information about occupational therapy at aota.org.
    – You can find out more information about yoga therapy and Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT) at The Samary Center and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.
    – For information about DIR/Floortime and to find a certified Floortime therapist, you can go to icdl.com.

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